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Taxi, Groceries, Food, Plumbers and More services available.

Our Services

Grow Your Business With Our 150Pay App Offering 60+ assortments of On-demand Services.
  • Taxi booking
    Sit back, relax and go anywhere you want. Book a taxi to your destination in few clicks. Equipped with high-end features for you to enjoy the ride without any hassles.
  • Parcel Delivery
    Get your stuff couriered. Move anything within the city, pick up and drop off groceries, send forgotten stuff, send/collect items for repair, and more in just a few taps.
  • Food Delivery
    Deliver almost anything at your doorstep! This app has it all: food, groceries, pharmacies, flowers, alcohol, stationery, water bottles, medical marijuana, and so on. With single download and login.

How does it work!

Being urban offers a robust and simple-to-use platform to service a variety of services.
  • Login or Register

    Log into the app using your social network credentials or name, mobile number and email.

  • choose the service

    Choose the service you want to use and schedule the same by making the payment, choosing between modes such as cash, card or wallet.

  • track your service

    As soon as you schedule a Trip/Service/Delivery, users can track the delivery person in real time in the form of a graphic icon through in-app notifications.

  • It's done!!

    A user is notified when the Trip/Delivery takes place. The app asks the delivery person / driver / store for the evaluation and rating after the order / trip is finalized.

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